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Search Freelancers in your Area or Nationally

With InLancing, hiring locally has never been easier. Search, save and communicate with freelancers within your community or across the nation.

  • Search and engage with local talent by proximity and skill-level
  • Hire virtual or in-person team(s)
  • Built-in trackers and project management tools to help streamline each task
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Search Jobs in your Area or Nationally

With InLancing, you can tailor each search to find opportunities that foster career development, networking and fits into your life schedule.

  • Search and save jobs for future review using bookmarks.
  • Engage with employers via integrated chat functions.
  • Upfront estimated earnings, per gig, provide.
  • Transparent reviews of employers to better align with your values.
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Interact with highly recomended

Manage your entire project from ideation to completion on one App. With InLancing’s built-in project management tools and integrated communication features, you will be able to stay on top of your projects.

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Have a question for us?

How do I sign-up?

Signing up for InLancing can occur in one of two ways:

  • Either through directly creating an account with InLancing by entering unique identifiable credentials
  • Or, by using our federated/single-sign on options through popular social media platforms such as twitter, facebook or LinkedIn

Do I need to create two accounts, one for freelancing or as an employer?

No, one account should suffice. Each account has a toggle embedded in the “more” section of the App to allow changing between a freelancer or an employer.

What are the associated service fees?

Our general principle at InLancing is to engage in transparent and fair pricing of our services. For freelancers and employers, a service fee of 20% will be applied to each transaction. Prices are subject to change at InLancing’s discretion.

Are background checks available for on-site workers?

Yes, background checks can be made available at an additional cost at an employer's request in addition to the freelancer’s permission to run a background check.

Can multiple users use the same account?

No, we strongly recommend each individual user create an account.

Are freelancers considered employees of InLancing?

No, at this time all freelancers are considered 1099/ independent contractors.

How do I post jobs?

Both employers and freelancers are able to create and post job opportunities. Once posted, you will have the opportunity to edit, invite or modify the scope of your project.

Is InLancing free to join?

Yes, InLancing is 100% free for both employers and freelancers to join. Fess are only assessed on completed milestones/totality of each project.

Who do I reach out to for more support if needed?

You can email us at

Is InLancing available in my geographical area?

We may have limited freelancers and employers in some areas as we continue to grow InLancing. Please feel free to email to learn more about your specific area.

About Us

Creating new opportunities for both employees and employers to connect and thrive.


InLancing provides unique opportunities to advance access to great jobs for many, we are also positioned to redefine the inherent structures of work. At InLancing, we believe in leveraging our technology to create equity, positive impact and career satisfaction for all of our users. The current status quo for how, when and why work is done has relied on processes that may, at times, disproportionately prevent some from achieving their fullest potential. Through InLancing’s dynamic staffing approach, for both in-person and virtual jobs, we are confident that we will be able to connect users to employers for opportunities that will support communities and entire cities. Changing the world one job at a time.

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